New capabilities

We build long-lasting capability inside companies by deploying internal teams, hiring, onboarding and coaching multi-disciplinary teams.

The secret to their success is their ability to assemble talented teams of people that really care. Urbian’s internal ‘can-do’ team culture rubs off on our people everyday. They are critical to our ongoing success and are far more than just an in-sourced function.

Stephen Andrew, Head of IT Liberty Insurance Direct

What we do?

Urbian deploys highly experienced digital talent to work on-site or remote. Our people are fully supported and cared for. We give them all the resources they need to do their best work and deliver consistent, impactful results. We make sure to keep our teams actively engaged in our culture of always learning making their career and life goals meaningful and attainable. We ensure our people remain digitally up-to-date with trends and best practice by giving them the best training.

Urbian teams are likely to be happy, secure, skilled and productive often bringing a much needed energy to internal client teams.

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Some of the processes and best practices that drive a healthy culture include:

  • Collaborative working environment
  • Sustainable pace
  • Inclusivity
  • Designing for accessibility
  • Integrated design and development
  • Retrospectives
  • Stand-ups
  • Test Driven Development
  • Community-supported tech decisions
  • PR etiquette
  • Asynchronous work
  • Open communication

Our talent pool

Product Owners

Our expert product owners will drive the delivery of your digital team as well as assist in building the roadmap for any products or services you are developing.

Agile Project Managers

We provide project managers that are well versed in all of the relevant agile delivery frameworks.

Full Stack Developers

Our reliable full stack developers deliver robust and well-built software. Our team is proficient in a multitude of development languages.

UX/UI Designers

Our user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers are skilled in creating beautiful but hard working technically sound interfaces.

UX Researchers

Our researchers are skilled in various global best practice methodologies from Design Thinking to Google Design Sprints and User Testing.

UX Writers

Our writers understand how to clearly convey complex products and services for the targeted audience for any device and channel.

QA Testers

Our QAs have the most impact when brought in early. We continually improve our automated test scripts for each business use case.

Data Scientists

Our data scientists know how to collaborate well with business stakeholders using python to create models that are beneficial for business.

Specialist Development

We have specialists with deep expertise in the fields of VR, Ai, machine learning and blockchain development.

How we do this

People and Process

Hiring doesn’t stop once someone starts their first day. Retaining your talented team requires a thoughtful and ongoing effort that ultimately comes down to - are they fulfilled at work? Over the last 11 years, we’ve formed some strong opinions (loosely held!) about what contributes to fulfillment and we are passionate about introducing these best practices for you.

Accelerate Potential

Urbian works 1 on 1 and in small groups with junior team members who are prime to advance in their career, but lacking the senior guidance to get them there. Using tools like code and design audits, design critique and lunch and learns Urbian is able to provide the dedicated expert mentorship that you don’t have the bandwidth for.

By investing in up-skilling junior designers and developers, you can achieve higher retention rates, positively impact individuals' careers, and become a top choice for future talent.

What Recruiters Can’t do

We stay accountable for every person we embed into your organisation. Finding the right designers and developers for your team takes time, as it should. You want to make sure you’re going through a meaningful interview process and making the right picks to help you long into the future.

Many product leaders over the years have looked to Urbian to provide coverage and the peace of mind that comes with trusted expert designers and developers not only delivering quality work, but leading product strategy and nurturing engineering culture.

Where to start?

2-week assessment, where we come alongside your organisation by spending 2 weeks quietly observing your existing teams while conducting a benchmarking exercise of your performance and outputs against the industry. We provide you with our assessment of the key areas that need work and the kind of team you need to take you forward.

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We have built internal capability for these companies

Liberty direct insurance
Building Liberty Direct Insurance’s capability for 4 years and counting…

We created one solution delivery team made up of Urbian Product Managers, UX Designers, Developers and QA’s embedded alongside internal Liberty QA’s and Underwriters in an ongoing digital transformation of Liberty Direct Insurance.

A 5 year relationship building world class end-to-end e-commerce while building the internal team to match.

A relationship that started as an e-commerce project grew into a 5 year relationship with us deploying a multi-disciplinary internal team and ended with us hiring their 1st team of developers which is now over 18 people and growing.

Get in touch to discuss how our talented teams can help your company.

Louis Bester
Product Owner
Jay Thomson
Managing Partner
Anton Moulder
Managing Partner

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They took the time to become well-versed in the intricacies of our business, and instead of big reveals at set milestones, we were in constant communication throughout the process.

Reginald Labuschagne, Head of Special Projects
Sanlam Private Wealth

We can help you

  • Create & validate new ideas
  • Be bold with technology
  • Improve efficiency with lean practices
  • Build capability & confidence
  • Be more customer centric
  • Increase speed to market
  • Deliver great quality products & services, fast
  • Navigate the open source revolution