Company Handbooks.

We work with you to get your entire company’s or departments standard operating procedures all in one place. This light-weight living document becomes an ever-improving central source of truth for your team’s knowledge, processes and documents. We’ve run every part of our own company like this for years, the results are truly magical and lasting.

We’ve used a handbook to run our company for years. It’s the only way I’ve found to get everyone singing from the same hymn book, and even more so now with remote work becoming the new normal.

Anton Moulder, Urbian Managing Partner

What we help you do

Centralise all your standard operating procedures

We simply come alongside your team and put down in black and white what is mostly inside managers heads.

The outcome is a simple, clear, methodical digitisation of your business processes and best practices, office policies, engineering practices, employee contact info — any other important info — in one central location.

Use the app on your phone for those on-the-go or from the browser of your choice.

Get your company to begin managing itself

The minute your standard operating procedures are digitised the results happen quickly. Most of the time this results in less email.

Less time spent answering the same repetitive questions, less time spent directing new (and sometimes old) employees where to find things and less time reminding others of a change in process.

Our Handbooks help anyone in the company (whether a new hire or an old faithful) know exactly what they should do, how they should do it and who they should do it with. We allow you to insert notes with the relevant links to any existing document templates needed to get the specific job done.

Create a system of ongoing improvement

The world changes fast and so does your business. We help you build in a self-regulating mechanism to keep your company as agile as possible.

No-one is better suited to improving your company than the person who does the work everyday. We help you empower them with the ability to point out an outdated process or old document and put forward a ‘change request’. The relevant manager can review the request and instantly update it.

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Louis Bester
Product Owner
Jay Thomson
Managing Partner
Anton Moulder
Managing Partner

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They took the time to become well-versed in the intricacies of our business, and instead of big reveals at set milestones, we were in constant communication throughout the process.

Reginald Labuschagne, Head of Special Projects
Sanlam Private Wealth

We can help you

  • Create & validate new ideas
  • Be bold with technology
  • Improve efficiency with lean practices
  • Build capability & confidence
  • Be more customer centric
  • Increase speed to market
  • Deliver great quality products & services, fast
  • Navigate the open source revolution