Urbian Partners with Vodacom Smart Service Offering programme

Vodacom announces Urbian as one of it's partners on a south african first digital transformation initiative.

Anton Moulder, Managing PartnerPosted July 03, 2020 in News

Customers and clients are facing increasing complexity as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. To deal with this complexity, and to find optimal solutions for the world of enterprises, Vodacom have embarked upon the Smart Service Offering programme, where they have partnered with Accenture, Deloitte, Letsema and Urbian, as new and innovative solutions are sought for pressing business problems.

Anton Moulder, Urbian's Managing Partner, on July 3 recently took part in a panel discussion highlighting these new partnerships and the challenges faced by those in the market.

Anton touched on the value of developing partnerships that harness the different strengths of the Smart SO partners – a hallmark of Vodacom’s Smart Service Offering programme – Urbian’s ability to leverage its decade long experience of implementing consumer-centric solutions across industries to reach the 80% of south africa's developing population.

Urbian looks forward to releasing more information in conjunction with Vodacom and our Smart Service Offering programme partners soon.

The panel was led by Fritz Milosevic, Managing Executive: New Ventures & Business Partnerships and included Nayda Bhettay, Chief Operations Officer: Vodacom Ventures & Business Partners.

To find out more about how the Urbian's teams can help your business, contact us on [email protected] or reach out to Anton directly on [email protected]


Anton Moulder

Managing Partner at Urbian

Anton advises senior executive teams on digital strategy and product innovation.