A Word of Welcome to Our Top 30

A Word of Welcome to Our Top 30

Anton Moulder, Managing PartnerPosted April 15, 2019 in Development

"We've chosen to focus specifically on social tech because of the multiplier effect we believe it can have on the nation and have spent 2 years refining this programme for that very reason."

An introductory word of welcome from Diageo Empowerment Trust General Manager Sinethemba Mafanya speaking to the vision of STSC and what the Top 30 Startups need to focus on over the next coming phase.

Interested in learning more about the Social Tech Startup Challenge, or if you are looking to reach more customers that fall into this African 80%, book a session with us to discuss how we can help you deliver products and services for this new normal:

urbian.co.za/experienceurbian or

email us at: futureafrica@urbian.co.za


Anton Moulder

Managing Partner at Urbian

Anton is managing partner of Urbian, a digital product studio where digital is used to better business, deliver new markets, and unlock new revenue streams. Described by his clients as a “strategic visionary”, Anton is obsessed with design thinking, disruptive business models, and how technology can make the world a better place for people and business.